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good morning it is one minute and six. the focus on the missing man connected to a missing murders boost to up its but bird landfall. >> a plane crash in a lagoon that crashed killing three people the latest on the struggle to recover >> that >> hurricane earl has hit the eastern seaboard all live part report from virginia in a moment. >> we can forecast we are headed into the holiday weekend fog this morning cool temperatures on tap the ways that is tracking it is all.
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>> it's really not that bad. no triple digits for labor day and temperatures are cooling off as we head into your labor day weekend overall it's not too bad. golden gate bridge shot seeing fog starting to move been through the golden gate bridge this is where the fog has settled. a cool done starting today is much cooler by your labor day. here's look some hot spots to give you an idea if you're headed to big sur plenty of sunshine for your labor day temperature of about 74 degrees person crews wore the nets' 77 partly cloudy lots of sun hopping in about 81 for simpson bridge beach so simpson beach looks like a good spot this weekend at the fog this morning and the most part contain to the coast piquancy it is moving in through the sense that this
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morning up in the point way race but for the most part it is kind of set along the coast kern tempters 56% francisco 59 through oakland into mountain view san jose temperatures and low 60s by about the 10:00 hour we will warming up to the '70s not warming as quickly as we have over the past couple of days by noontime into the 80s topping it out into the '90s the north bay looks like it will stay in the '80s 87% rosa 89 sonoma at 88 in napa down and to san rafael mill valley low 80s along the peninsula we will see some eighties keeping it at about 73 for san francisco east bay oakland berkeley 87 through hayward san ramon valley temperatures mid-90s so it's still is plenty hot the lookit some locations 93 in livermore
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so spake temperatures in the low 90s upper 80s in 7 day around bay-show a decline in temperatures each way through the weekend no huge dramatic changes but it will cool down in you will feel the cool them by your labor day. mid-80s inland mid-70s run bay mid-60's for the coast check gone in friday commute with george. >> which was sealed letter commute this being a star for a holiday weekend there are no problems are hot spots appeared westbound looks good as you can see no problems leading to the toll plaza like traffic right now on all the approaches same is true for the san mateo bridge 92 the westbound side or the commuter action the right side of your screen for early in the 6:00 p.m. hour that is still pretty light traffic. here's cautionary note about your
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golden gate bridge ride along doyle drive near the construction there was a report of water on the road luckily from all burst water main although no lanes were closed and we don't know whether the source of the water has been shut off whether not the bridge has been repaired we don't know there's this been out in the northbound direction bridge crews are on the scene there is no backup currently but caution is advised it will see some fog free trips not only on the golden gate bridge but perhaps the waldegrave after travel is just today 17 open this morning with no problems reported in either direction. >> 6 03 a.m. the investigation into at least four murders that span the bay area all murders are linked to efren valdemoro who was shot tuesday night by chp following a high-speed chase
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that ended in richmond. this morning to search for frederick sales moves to a bay landfill. he has been missing since last week when he had an altercation with efren valdemoro ricardo his father was involved in the altercation he was found dead. will tran reports this morning on the search >> the research will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the landfill. frederick has not been seen since august 26th he and his father both rented rooms from cindy tran to was efren valdemoro girlfriend begun to fight with efren valdemoro it is unclear who started the fight. they believe fredrick holds the key to the case because at this point he is the only one who might still be alive to help answer any questions. if he is found at this land fell it will make it that much more difficult to connect the dots will tran
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kron 4 news. >> autopsies are underway for the two women the bodies of those women found in if the whole life fell tomorrow often stated that home meanwhile the house and is set to appear in court today on explosive charges material to make bombs found in his home were the women's bodies were discovered. now the fourth woman cindy tran a vigil will be held tonight outside the salon where she worked it is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. there also need details about the group abusive relationship between efren valdemoro end cindy tran she was found dead after the police station chase in his car. she may have warned police about her danger appeared she told police about the danger just hours before she was killed. >> they did release for that day
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she was on her way to work. we had issues we were looking for the suspect at that time on not sure i can't speculate as far as what was said during those meetings or how there was concern about her safety. >> she met with the police several times. hercules police say even though police suspected the connection was not made efren valdemoro could be endangered. a lot of twists and turns. i kron 4 got caught >> authorities near redwood shores try to remove a plane that crashed killing three people. it went down yesterday
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into a shallow the plane went down north of the oracle campus. the recovery effort was delayed because of fuel leaking from a plane along with contamination caused by the sewage spill. bob and of pilot believed to be inside the airplane in both those bodies they have not remove them the girlfriend's body surfaced yesterday faa is sending investigators to the scene today to find out what went wrong. >> we will take a break now of the latest hurricane earl makes its way north into canada a number of states on standby.
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stuck futures are trending slightly up but they are
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basically flat today. the dow finished the day with a gain of 50 points in assets was up 23. 9.5 in early july analysts say weak hiring was just not enough to keep pace with the large increases. the labor department says companies added 67,000 more jobs. it drove up and a plenary. >> there is debris and flooding heading out to north carolina to check for damage from hurricane earl from ocean beach merrill condition looks ok people are in the water. honor inside a look at the waves on the left it is a
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category 2 storm 105 mi. or winds further of the coast massachusetts and rhode island has declared states of emergency. >> feel we have to take a quick break former cray your read on 680 moving more of current temperatures 59 degrees warming up to the low 90s this afternoon we will be right back.
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the water has now turned off there's no more water coming into their roadway. fifth they believe that will just disappear with traffic. but could be a small house before you still commuting year and next awhile. that's a lot of oil drive at cemetery curve. looking at the writer's center is a one-to-one, eupepsia pastille occurs road. it's still produce moves commuter. this was a very rough ride in hotspot yesterday. cells bound traffic looks great with no problems at all. again
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pulmonary reports of the may of the aircraft, the crash on a two-lane someone a one. in selena at the airport boulevard. will check dot more details coming up. >> san carlos place apartment, is no more. city council voted to disband the police department and will contract out with the sheriff's department. they hope to save $2 million. without it they hope that this will not affect public safety. for all full-time staff at the san carlos police, san carlos police station will become a sheriff's department substation. >> mean well the man suspected of shooting effort of fremont police officers in behind bars in oakland he suspected andrew berry and as a suspected of trying to kill officer todd gill. he's charged with murder
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carjacking jury could face life in prison if convicted. >> to suspects are still large this morning, element or share said devotees are asking help define these two men you see on your screen. 63 year-old man trio, and mohammad khan. there are considered armed and dangerous they do know there is a rest of for them. kant was on bill for 500,000 for previous work as a narcotics case. >> miami international airport is open today following the attack duration of six concourses. they spotted something suspicious in a checked bag, bomb squads spent hours checking it. passengers had to be evacuated from of complexly less like as if a precaution. therefore was fully back of an open overnight. >> more now on the gulf coastal
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called bp said its cost of top a billion dollars, including almost 400 million to settle hundred 27,000 claims. fuel oil companies is more than 20,000 people and 4000 vessels still engage in this bill. bp said that no oil has flowed from a well system is 15th. meanwhile all 13 workers fired on the unrecovered fire yesterday have been rescued. dutton have sustained serious injuries. coast guard says no oil is looking into the car off, after initial reports that there might of been a 1 mi. long wishing for a spreading from the site. because the fire is still unknown, they are looking into it. seven active wells on the platform were shut down just before the fire burn procuring >> 623 is the time right now will be back with more in just a couple minutes, on this friday heading into the holiday weekend. we have a programming
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change tonight. oaths q offs 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best
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back here in 626 common metaphor coast and it all the we can. fun and roof and zero temperatures might be. in my bicol depending on where your. also fog to date 93 tie today on in land area and set up for '70s around a upper 60s around the coast. saturday temperatures will dip even more by sunday and more in some spots by monday. >> 6:27 a.m., we have breaking
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news treated hotspot we're just getting word of a plane crash, a plane has gone down on hiring one a one-year airport boulevard tariffs the plan is upside down on the southbound lane. we will have more and do know that fuel is in on the road where. , the plan as of saigon high won a one. the plane is to upside down on highway 1 01.
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back at 629, the opening bell opening of the stock exchange. were expecting trading to be an artist in the next few seconds. limerick for the nation has gone up a 10th of a percent. it has five to 9.6 and august. which traders knew that that was coming. to let it slip strain, doesn't look like it's whole point down. in fact the dow's of 47 high low points right now. lots of a book suggesting keep the rally going.
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>> we don't live shot commissure the story of the weather today. lefthand showing the sun shine in on the left shown to the fog. it's kind of funny because russia getting clear conditions in most conditions along the coast. dense fog though this morning >> for not talking about heat today, but a lot of people to be awfully big, where should go to catch the sun of liberty. >> will we got some hot spots, if you're heading to big sur going camping this weekend. temperatures and heavy in the '70s and low '70s, agreed to that. were not seen any rain or thunderstorms partly cloudy conditions for santa cruz, and temperatures in to the upper seventies. and for stinson beach under labor day, temperatures will be about 81 degrees. that
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is pretty comfortable for beach weather. i'm sure a lot of folks to be talking at each on labor day. also this morning that fog the we were talking about, you to see for the most part clear conditions across the area. were we are getting fog it's pretty dense ran around the golden gate bridge. it's not widespread fog. current temperatures 66 degrees for 7 cisco, 59 for oakland. temperatures in the low 60s down near half moon bay. staying in the eighties for the no. 8, 87 for 82, for mill valley 84 for center following a five for two love. the warm spot will be about 70 degrees in half moon bay. getting up to 80 degrees and alameda upper '70s for berkeley and oakland, and into the castro valley. little cooler and in land. notice the
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temperatures down eighties the sunspots. but we are seeing some nineties right to the san arming ramon valley unpleasant subtler and more. and lo and 97 concord paradise there just aren't sure gradual cooling trend, georgia labor day. popping on the mid '80s mid-70s around a bay and '60s for the coast. here's traffic report george. >> and thanks lisa, just a reminder was content happening in salinas's highway patrol office has reported that helicopter has crashed upside down on the southbound lane of 101 on airport boulevard in salinas. will this is on a continued issue, because sells itself bombing. but it could affect politics traffic. it is likely our there will have access the scene from the northbound side of the freeway, with emergency vehicles responding there. again, this is
6:34 am
just reported by the moderate office in california highway patrol. they do concur that it was a helicopter and not an airplane crash there. it is a self fondling satyr drop block. traffic is being taken off the airport and airport boulevard. in the bay region no problems right now, were looking at easy ride around the bay area. honda will await an applause and no traffic even be their allies have not yet have been activated. normally there turned on around 0629. three riderless san mateo bridge smith conditions, as is r c little bit lighter. a little easier ride to the toll plaza, but no backup reported yet. in fact the traffic volumes are lighter than usual. golden gate bridge right, of better root news for the gold trade drive root. there's high standing waterlogged oil drive
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near 17, their heads and a water line that had burst, they have stopped the flow of water. in fact over half an hour ago, please department at golden gate bridge district has lover officers standing by on the scene. this is the waters dissipating with the flow of traffic. if it may have been responsible for spinoff that occurred in the northbound direction. there are no backups is be aware of it as she drive- ins'. the rights are sent to cisco, you could see the traffic looks good, no problems. we have a live shot here of doyle drive, let's take a look this is the area affected and you can see that there's still some water on the roadway. two lanes available on the northbound side, here on the southbound side before linking new. right nice to see that is operating in a traffic problems, but it is a hazard to be aware of. >> 635, a developing story is
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the investigation continues in to four murders that spanned bay area. all these murders are lying to healthefren valdemoro, the search for solace and leads to a landfill, solaces father ricardo was also involved in some kind of altercation with all the more he was found dead. they're looking for the sun. autopsies are being done to women's karos margherita allen. these bodies were found at allen's vallejo home, a baltimore often stayed at the home he was friends. meanwhile the husband of allen, is set to appear in court on explosive charges. materials found were in were found in his home. this is a store with a lot of twists and turns. the fourth victim the we
6:37 am
haven't talked about here, the trend, she is well baltimores girlfriend. vigil will be held tonight. this set to start at 7:00 p.m.. there was an abusive relationship between baltimore and trend. its action was found dead in baltimore's car after the police chase. , she may have warned police that her life was in danger. she had met with investigators just hours before world war has strangled her and said that she was afraid of for life. state six kron4 for developing story. hough's investigators are going to try to recover a plan the crash near redwood shores, three people were killed in the crash including the founder of a spill company. a woman's body was recovered from the lagoon yesterday morning, but two other bodies are still trapped under
6:38 am
the wreckage. the recovery effort was delayed because the fuel leaking from the plaining contamination in the good. so the faa is sending investigators, and it will get out there. the coast guard is profit in the process of arresting seven people that have been stranded on their boats since late last night in shallow water. the group that includes three children sat on the vote sometime after sunset, but ran out of gas, and the boat ran aground near wrier m island near concord. no one in a boat is injured. 6:37 a.m. we're going say to break, latest on the new store we have a helicopter down on high we won a one on the southbound bulk parts. milpitad
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back to breaking news here, word of a helicopter down highway 1 01 in the southbound lane near airport boulevard in salinas. we of the map showing the area. here's a view of salinas and the airport, how we won a one is right here. if you coming here you see a better idea delay the land. this was just reported a little bit ago. not a lot of other information know, other than that they're doing a traffic control here. there was word that fuel was possibly on the roadway. were not really quite sure much other than what we just reported here. we have reports from the chp, helicopter down the southbound lane near airport boulevard. there has been an issue chp wants to take
6:43 am
another way around, find an alternate route. >> 642, her face she do guard kidnapping case. the compensation board is devising that a claim by fugard's mother be rejected, she is seeking compensation for psychological and emotional injury from her daughter's kidnapping. her daughter was held captive for nearly two decades. it was paroled rapist, who to occur. the board is recommending that the courts handle the claim. firefighters hope that the cool coastal air overnight will come this wildfire. it is for net 720 a. of rural sound diego county, look for that line of flames. fire broke out yesterday, there was of a precautionary evacuation. there's a big drop
6:44 am
the fire. the fires only 10 percent contained this morning. ops runs take a break a 643. for a comeback latest from these crows, hurricane earl starting to lash the shoreline on north carolina. we love the latest in [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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back at 646 following latest events of hurricane her curled very high water and flooding started showing north carolina. thomas is the outer banks have to work for a possible light. on the left hand's side this pictures out of ocean city maryland. and on the right-hand side these are pictures of north carolina. we have been watching this morning this morning, roadways and books indicate patters reporting water flooding. was a brief lull in round plywood in the water, people are bracing themselves
6:48 am
boarding up windows. we're getting reports of power outages. maxxam sustained winds of a hundred and 5 mi. per hour. still really tough storm to get through, it's on track for the northeast coast. we do have station's monitoring all along the eastern seaboard. on the phone with us is a.j. law go. >> a j can hear me? a.j. kitt here's all right? >> i think he doesn't have a connection. >> you try to get this worked out. >> look of those wins in those ways. , ag can hear us? >> is secondary. it's real hard to hear out here, is extremely windy and a torrential downpour.
6:49 am
bass were near hatter's island. there's a series of barrier islands are exposed to the hurricane. it has been pretty nasty out here overnight, with some wind gusts over 60 mi. per hour. flooded streets. thousands of people without power, they evacuated most of the islands to all visitors and to many of the residents who live here. if they have been told to leave in advance of a hurricane. it catches passes by, not a significant amount of damage. there's a lot of flooding roads and lots of people without power. ftc >> anybody around? we know that people have been told to leave but locals don't heat to the warnings? >> will just about the last half-hour, ivax was sick couple people come out and tried to head down towards the beach, to check out the surf. if it is an incredible view right now the
6:50 am
waves are just pounding breaking hundred 2 yds off shore. so we do have an angry ocean out here, certainly not a smart move to be on the beach right now. if >> or looking at a live shot. is pretty incredible. you be safe. >> not a problem guys. >> to track the storm all morning. >> good morning case, here's an idea which you could expect from this hurricane, you can see that the strength expecting to decrease as it heads on through the day. by the evening looks like in a backpack to a hundred miles per hour. by saturday morning it'll be 85 mi. per hour. hurricane earl is expected to and we can in the next couple days. we are still seen high for levels for the other banks cape cod in nova scotia. if the certainly a very powerful storm, though discontinuing to decrease. labor
6:51 am
day forecast local here, said francisco for the weekend urticant in you to see temperatures in the '60s for saturday in '70s for sunday. the return minutes 73 for an afternoon high. san jose, temperatures the mid-80's for saturday cool off for sunday and monday in the low 80s. and for livermore were getting up to about 86 to labor day. your afternoon highs today get into the upper eighties for santa rosa. there for about 93, he conceded cool down from yesterday. along san francisco getting up to 73, san mateo into the eighties to keep it cool on the coast of the '60s and '70s. 88 castro valley, but were saying the '70s for berkeley open and even rich and as well. san ramon valley bring us temperatures in the mid-90s, 93 degrees frannie octans the south bay, temperatures and a top out
6:52 am
to the eighties. campbell cupertino coming in rightfí;g]3d 90 degrees. if your plan a trip out of town, and this long holiday weekend. you're heading into the north coast, play of sunshine mid-80s to the top zero area. so conical 71 degrees to play a sunshine, in monterrey or looking at highs about 68 down to lows fifties. if you're heading over to your 7 tommy can get up to 85 degrees of play a sunshine. loss angeles about 74 degrees. but each looking for a triple digits whether it had to palm springs. seven they're on the bay shows your cooling trend as we head into the we can deliver date. still not a bad forecast free. george >> we continue to monitor term conditions in salinas and 11 south our helicopter has crashed. near the municipal airport, this is that airport
6:53 am
boulevard. the roadway, traffic is about obstructed they are taking traffic off of highway one oneself out onto airport boulevard. no. ballet is will be affected, because of emergency vehicles attending to the axis. in the bay area were not looking at hotspot right now, we were concerned about oil drive its of hydroplaning in high standing water. so there had been a water leak jets allowed to join a live but cemetery curve. they've managed to stop the water is under 45 minutes ago. past the flow of water has stopped, we did have once been no reported on the northbound direction. but southbound has often in the incidences' or accidents, although a dispute with some drivers reported that they nearly hydroplane on the water. for those in the very early morning hours the flow of water has to soften his suspect it'll dissipate. only real slow traffic this morning, is here
6:54 am
and antioch this morning. the rest of the highway for right is light. in fact it is very light on interstate 580 this morning, no delays was found buried looking at tried to the bay bridge, the have not even activated the meter in light stick, and this is somewhat expected with selling might still lighter than usual commute to dave. to this being the kickoff day for the labor day holiday weekend. >> will take a break right now of 6:53 a.m. will be back and back with more breaking into building new stores will return. [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney
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656 right now, you consider couple pockets fog thinned by saw fog this morning. is currently 56 degrees in san francisco looking for high of 70 and sunshine later on around the bay. just not that one today. who will be blocked with more with weather and the latest about his stories on kron4
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morning news in just a couple minutes. morning news in just a couple minutes. ãqw@,
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